Why I Do What I Do

My photography style is pretty simple.

My favorite style of photography takes on a photojournalistic approach.  It's candid, yet done so with intent and some direction.  This results in an approachable & relaxed environment that captures the true emotions of my clients.  My eye & heart is quick to recognize the moments happening in front of me, while my brain is setting up the scene & processing all the technical mumbo jumbo of operating my camera & equipment. 
I love spontaneous photos of people, their environment, & the action: THE moments.  The most common feedback I get from my clients while viewing their images is that I captured moments they didn't even remember happening.  That, my friends... is why I do what I do.


What I Love

  • Coffee any time of day, especially from Tim Horton’s (large original, 2 cream)
  • Animals (especially dogs!)
  • Broken sprinkler heads that shoot straight up in the air.  It's hilarious!!
  • I don't break said sprinkler heads. They are malfunctioning on arrival.
  • Quoting old school Adam Sandler movies. My favorite is Happy Gilmore.
  • Makeup. One can never have too many eye shadow palettes.
  • The People’s Court.  Every case is about 1 of 3 things: Craig’s List ads, roommate troubles, or car accidents.
  • Kenny Chesney. If you want to escape to your own island paradise in your mind, go download his album “Be as you are: Songs from an Old Blue Chair”.  You’re welcome.
  • Zumba.  Skateland in Westland, MI offers some of the BEST zumba classes.
  • Office supplies (especially Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink pens – in purple, of course)
  • Glazed donuts from The Loonie Baker in Livonia, Michigan (they are THE best. You should go get one.  Like now).
  • Christmas. Music and decorations begin at 12:00am on November 1.
  • Sushi. Enough said.
  • Good hearted, genuine people. 

On the Personal

I married my best friend, Josh, in 2012.   We are out numbered 3:2 in our home with our furry babies: an orange cat named Knuckles, and two lab-mix pups that we rescued in 2015, named Max and Ollie.  Still in our hearts is our yellow lab, Tonka. We love traveling, especially to any place with a beach and warm weather, cozying up on the couch in front of our fireplace, playing Super Mario Bros. (I especially love it because I usually whoop Josh’s butt at it – it’s like the only game ever I can win against him at), and just spending time together with our pets, even if we’re not doing anything.