Why I Do What I Do

My photography style is pretty simple.

My favorite style of photography takes on a photojournalistic approach.  It's candid, yet done so with intent and some direction.  This results in an approachable & relaxed environment that captures the true emotions of my clients.  My eye & heart is quick to recognize the moments happening in front of me, while my brain is setting up the scene & processing all the technical mumbo jumbo of operating my camera & equipment. 
I love spontaneous photos of people, their environment, & the action: THE moments.  The most common feedback I get from my clients while viewing their images is that I captured moments they didn't even remember happening.  That, my friends... is why I do what I do.


What I Love

  • Coffee any time of day, especially from Tim Horton’s (large original, 1 cream)

  • Animals (especially dogs!)

  • Broken sprinkler heads that shoot straight up in the air. It's hilarious!!

  • I don't break said sprinkler heads. They are malfunctioning on arrival.

  • Quoting old school Adam Sandler movies. My favorite is Happy Gilmore.

  • Makeup. One can never have too many eye shadow palettes.

  • The People’s Court. Every case is about 1 of 3 things: Craig’s List ads, roommate troubles, or car accidents.

  • Kenny Chesney. If you want to escape to your own island paradise in your mind, go download his album “Be as you are: Songs from an Old Blue Chair”. You’re welcome.

  • Office supplies (especially Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink pens – in purple, of course)

  • Glazed donuts from The Loonie Baker in Livonia, Michigan (they are THE best. You should go get one. Like now).

  • Christmas. Music and decorations begin at 12:00am on November 1.

  • Sushi. Enough said.

  • Good hearted, genuine people.

On the Personal

I married my best friend, Josh, in 2012.   We welcomed our beautiful daughter into our home in 2018. Before human babies, we were parents to an orange cat named Knuckles, and two lab-mix pups that we rescued in 2015, named Max and Ollie.  Still in our hearts is our yellow lab, Tonka. We love traveling, especially to any place with a beach and warm weather, cozying up on the couch in front of our fireplace, playing Super Mario Bros. (I especially love it because I usually whoop Josh’s butt at it – it’s like the only game ever I can win against him at), and just spending time together with baby & pets, even if we’re not doing anything.